Sunday, 4 January 2015

Streamlining Scrap Around The World for 2015!

Hello again!  Today is usually the day that we announce our winners.
We have made a change to our schedule going forward & we will be
announcing our winners on the 8th of each month in future.

This may seem like a long time when you are waiting, but for us it
has been very difficult to get the winner's post done & out by the 4th
of each month & to do so is unnecessarily stressful all round.

If you have ever wondered about our voting process this is how
things work :-  Once the challenge has closed approximately
a quarter of our team {6 ladies} compile their votes & send them
in to me within 2 days {we have a rotating voting schedule}.
This is because voting is no easy task & takes around 2 hours!!

Once I receive all votes I draw up a table & transcribe all the
numbers into one place (everyone assigns points from 10 to 1).
I then add up all the points & compile the post from there.

As we receive a large amount of entries within the last few days of 
closing, voting can only start on the 1st & the DT cannot drop
 everything to get their votes to me within 48 hours as at times
the end of the month may coincide with the weekend.

 With such a high standard of work from our entrants & so many
entries we want to be able to study EVERY entry & not rush
through the process so have decided it is best all round to 
to have 4 days to get the votes in & a couple of days for me
to tally everything up then get the information necessary
passed on to Rachael who in turn will need a couple of days
to create the Wall of Fame along with the post!

This year I will not be writing all of the posts myself 
& the posting team will be fully responsible for them
Scrap Around The World is a great place to run but I have
never wanted it to be my only achievement & have a number
of other endeavours on my agenda this year, so thanks to
these capable ladies for helping me out until June!

Rachael Funnell - Winner's Post & Wall of Fame
Nicole Doiron - Guest Designer & Guest Team posts.
Tusia Lech - mid-month reveal.
Heather McMahon - both  tutorial posts.  


luv46kdz said...

It's wonderful to have peeps you can rely on for sure! Makes life much easier and stressfree for you.

Happy New Year :)


Młoda Kobieta said...

I always thought that you very quickly announce the results, 8th it's still early too :) I think we can wait, and at that time to do the work to the new mood board :))

Helen Tilbury said...

Thank you ladies for your understanding!

MARCH said...

parfait :-)

Sandra said...

Sounds like a great idea and at least we all know when we can expect the winner notification. Well done to the team and to you Helen.

LucianaW said...

great job!

Tusia Lech said...

I love to be at SATW! Thank you for your trust Helen.

zuziucha said...

This is the best team ever! I am so proud to be the part of it.

Terhi Koskinen said...

Great decision Helen, together we'll make it perfect! :)

Hera said...